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Organic Search, the way it should be.

Prominent rankings in search engines can drastically change the trajectory of a business. It doesn't have to be a bottomless pit of expense if you will consider a freelancer SEO consultant. SEO is a science, you need tried, tested and proven methods. Nobody can ethically guarantee rankings, I can guarantee you the best chance.

Technical SEO Audit

Methodology of organic search.

A typical campaign.

I don't have a typical client but the methodology I use for SEO campaigns tend to follow similar patterns. All due diligence is carried out on a site by site basis and each campaign I work on will have its own underpinning SEO strategies.

Performance probing

Data interrogation

Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Source code and front end analysis. The average audit have over 30 actions which will have a major impact on performance - not of fluff but the foundations of a blueprint. Here I can sometimes branch off into a Core Vital or Speed audit. Developer input and internal shareholder presentation stages, this section often goes into the depths of technical SEO.

See: Technical SEO audit

knowing what we're working with

Defining Success

Now we know the state of the site, it's a great opportunity to define success. Looking at areas from improving current performance, infrastructure to achieve sales aspirations and build up a resilient, robust and realistic plan. This can be centric to nationwide exposure to local SEO.

Blue sky thinking is over.

Let's get moving.

Anyone with minimal experience can achieve the first two tasks, here is where I pay for myself. Executing high-risk, high-reward tactics under safe management can provide businesses with dramatic results. Risk mitigation and driving sustainable performance increases is what I've been doing for over 12 years. By this stage we'll be seeing movement on key markers. Not all SEO professionals are created equally, it's important to scrutinise all work going on at this point.

Starting the real work

Compounding growth

By this stage, clients have seen improvements from on-site work and technical resilience. Now the real work starts, developing value propositions, content outreach, value-added link building and constantly competing for key terms. I often diversify the strategy around question-answering, long-tail, flagship and front-running competitor analysis. All underpinned with transparent report, clear communication and frequent updates.

The hot topics

Have something on your mind?

I've tried to encapsulate all the key questions I am often asked by clients and prospects. Please don't hesitate to speak to me if you have any further questions. My head office is located in County Durham but I'm willing to travel to your office if you need someone to walk you through SEO in person.

When I take on a customer they are not entering into a 12 month contract, or have any obligation to ever use me again. This means entry into assessing if your site is in a good state is relatively low, an audit typically takes 3-5 hours. The implications within the audit will likely make it one of the best ROIs, as it often highlights areas missed for many years.

Nobody can. What you should be gauging is the work that is going into the site to help it rank. The deliverables are the true success of SEO, underpinning this is experience and if you keep hammering away at all the key areas, rankings will come.

We have to be realistic here, SEO is only viable if it generates money so I start with cash ROI, then rankings then underpinning actions I am taking (or proposing) to get the site generating more revenue. SEO doesn't have to be a bottomless pit, it can be self-funding and compounding under the right management.

My pricing is very straightforward and transparent, by the hour. I've seen some horror stories from both sides of the pendulum, from companies going for very cheap SEO services to the ridiculously expensive retainers. SEO should be built to generate a positive ROI.

Content marketing is a major part of the SEO process, I can support with writing content. I've often found internal writers are often the best because they can better grasp the brand tone and encapsulate expertise but I will support if needed, including writing content for the website too.

Brands I've worked with

Here is a selection of the brands I've worked with either as a freelancer or as agency employee or dedicated in-house employee.

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