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The Importance of DALL-3 in SEO & Content Creation

We love to talk about ChatGPT on this site, as it’s one of the best tools when it comes to streamlining your SEO.

And I’m not talking about giving you the opportunity to cut corners and deliver terrible results to your clients, although you CAN do that.

(We don’t)

I’m more talking about cutting down huge tasks that would, only about a year ago, have taken hours upon hours

Instead now could take 30 minutes or less

Things like coming up with better Meta Titles or Meta Descriptions.

Of course, it’s not perfect, it still requires a bit of manual SEO magic to make it work, but it’s really helpful regardless.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about in this article.

Right now I want to talk about ChatGPT’s brother, DALL-3, and why it’s just as important for SEO and to create an overall great UX

First, let’s talk about why images are a must on any site, whether you run a blog in the pet niche or a huge ecom brand

Why Images Are Just as Important As Words…

Content is King, right?

We all know that, every marketer ever has typed up this little phrase AT LEAST once in their LinkedIn post (mostly thinking they’ve come up with something new & flashy to say, when they haven’t).


This is ChatGPT’s forte.

But the second most important thing when it comes to content, beyond the words on the screen, is the visuals.

Of course, I’m talking about images

(we’ll leave videos and gifs for another day)

Images are ESSENTIAL for any content online.

We live in the age of Netflix and TikTok, its a constant barrage of visuals

So we’ve got used to this, within any content we consume

Because of this, less and less people are willing to read solely written content, so you’ve got to pull out all of the stops to ensure they stay on the page and read

This is where images can come in handy…

Even if people glance over them, they are important for two reasons;

  1. People EXPECT them to be there, and if they aren’t, they get a little sceptical
  2. Images provide a great way for you to break up your content, ‘tricking’ the reader into believing the content isn’t as long as it actually is, encouraging them to keep on reading

If you don’t have images?

They’ll look like this after they’ve landed on your page:

A gif showing someone out of breath

(Hitting the big X on the tab soon after…)

The SEO Significance of Images

Let’s quickly touch on why images are important from an SEO point of view.

Images are one of the many signals Google is looking out for when it comes to ranking the content you’re uploading to your site.

Now, it’s not going to make or break your website, like backlinks could, but it’s still looked at to know if your site is worthy or not.

On top of this, adding images is just another sneaky way to get one of your keywords in; this could help you pull in extra traffic you would of otherwise missed out on.

This is especially important to think about if you’re an ecom brand


Back to the main topic.

The Problem With Adding Images to a Site (Before DALL-3)

Google AI

The issue with adding images on your site, up until recently, was that you either needed FRESH images that you had taken yourself or you we’re stuck with having none at all.

Now you COULD steal images from Google but that was only possible about a couple years ago. Before the many Google algorithm updates and the implementation of AI, screenshotting images straight off of Google, and removing all their meta data would have served you well

(Unless the original owner of the image came across your site, but this was very unlikely)

But, this way is dead.

Google SOMEHOW just knows that you’ve snatched that image as of written this.

Trust me, I’ve tried everything:

  • Screenshotting.
  • Photoshop magic.
  • Removing metadata.
  • Unique names.


They’ve even started flagging images up in my Google Drive files

BUT DO NOT FEAR, this is where the power of DALLE-3 comes into play…

How DALLE-3 Solves This Issue

With DALL-3 you can create endless unique images all with a few prompts.

This allows you to FINALLY have unique visuals without needing to take them yourself, stealing them off of the internet (and getting caught anyway) or paying ridiculous prices for stock images.

Which means a green flag from Google and great UX

Whether you just need a filler image for a blog about accounting, or you’re looking for a brand new logo for your website, DALLE-3 can provide you with this under 30 seconds.

And to be completely honest with you, I have no ‘inputs’ I want to share with you today, like I usually do.

I think the beauty of all image models is to experiment anyway.

Though, I WILL show you some of my results, and some use cases so you can get an idea of you can use DALL-3 in your own content.

Before you get started doing your own, make sure you have DALLE-3 selected:

And whenever you want to get an image to generate, make sure type something along the lines of:

“Please generate me an image of x, y, z”

Note: It seems to pick up pretty much whenever you mention ‘image’.

DALLE-3 Use case Examples

Here is a great example, a very common one which would be great for a filler image in an article:

Note: You may see from this image struggles with numbers, this is normal (text can be troubling too) but its GOOD ENOUGH to the point where people won’t care.

Simple input but great output.

Another simple input but an output we were looking for.

You guys get the idea, there is a lot you can do here when it comes to generating images for your SEO blog or other social media content online.

The One Key Issue With DALLE-3 (and most AI Image Gen Models)

If you’ve had a quick look at the images above, you’ll see there is one ‘issue’ (bit of a non issue in my opinion);

Your images are always going to look a little cartoon-ish

Even if you ask for realistic outputs, you won’t quite get them.

If this bothers you, I’m sure there is a way to poke DALLE-3 enough to get what you want, but on the surface you’re going to get images like the ones above.

Or you can of course, go back to the ‘old fashioned’ way of taking your own images.

Didn’t DALLE-2 Solve This ‘Image Issue’?

Now I know what you’re thinking “Wasn’t this image issue solved with DALLE-2?”

Sort of.

While an AI creating unique images was cool, you could never quite get the right inputs. 

D3 is by no means perfect, but even the simplest image requests with D2 turned out pretty bad AND you had to pay for each input, which limited your creativity massively.

And as of typing this, DALLE-3 is ‘free’ to use for anyone with a ChatGPT Subscription.

You can mess around with it as much as you want, and I’d recommend doing so while you can

Okay, but what about the other image generator AI tools?

You’d be right in thinking that other AI tools already solved the ‘image issue’ most SEO’s were having.

HOWEVER, most if not all of the good ones we’re locked behind a huge paywall or a long waiting list.

You can get D3 access today once you pay for your $20 subscription, which is definitely waaaay cheaper than other options out there.

And not to mention the fact that, if you’re using ChatGPT anyway, its already there at your finger tips.

Final Thoughts

In summary, AI advancements with tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 3 are transforming SEO by enabling the quick creation of unique and engaging images.

These images are crucial for keeping modern audiences captivated and ensuring SEO-friendly content.

Despite their slightly stylized look, the images produced by DALL-E 3 can enrich user experience while adhering to copyright laws, making it a valuable asset for any content strategy.

Go play around with it right now, and see what images you can create for your next blog.