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Does anything here sound familiar?

The FAQ of Bing Ads Management.

Here I'd like to showcase some of the typical questions I get asked when it comes to my freelance Bing Ads service. Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss your campaign in more detail.

Around 80% of my PPC management services lean towards Google Ads, but that doesn't mean I take this platform for granted. I'd typically work with you to make an assessment on the campaign structure but in most cases, I branch them off - creating a data-driven campaign between Google Ads and a separate one for Bing. In my experience you can typically get away with the regular sync (or limited sync) in smaller campaigns but as revenue starts to grow it can often require a dedicated Bing strategy - as what works for Google Ads, does not always follow through into similar performance on Microsoft Bing Ads.

Most agencies and freelancers I know, send a breakdown of money spent vs. money received through revenue. This figure is usually flawed in my experience and also builds the foundation for my report. Firstly, the revenue generated from Bing Ads in this format often doesn't factor in returns, shifts in customer dynamics or persona and also rarely factors in lifetime value. I build you a commercial awareness report which showcases what each client is truly worth over the longer term, bottom line assessment and reciprocal feedback to ensure the customers being recruit are aligned with your business.

Firstly, I do not charge based on the spending of your account - I quote based on the time required to grow your account in a profitable and sustainable way. It varies from client to client, I often look at management fee and spend as the total marketing cost - which means I'm using my fee within the ROI figures. Again, this is often overlooked when it comes to PPC management, some clients can get 300-500% ROAS but in reality, it can be 100-200% when you factor in fees. This risk is more so with Bing as media spending typically drops due to lower search volume. How I'd normally approach this is how much revenue I think you'd generate if you hired me to oversee your Bing Ads - all-inclusive of media spend but also my management fees.

How good is my Bing Ads freelance service?

I'm biased, so let my clients tell you.

After working in search for well over 12 years (which means nothing to no one, let's be honest) I've amassed awards, £1m+ budgets and amazing ROAS - but after being freelance for less than 12 months, I've managed to accumulate some significant testimonials. Albeit most of these are from my SEO and Google Ads freelancing services, I can provide additional breakdown figures of Bing Ads-specific campaigns on request.

“Shane has been fundamental to our PPC efforts. He took the time to get under the hood of our business and strategize effectively. He’s fast, thorough and extremely knowledgeable – we will definitely use his services again in the future. Thanks Shane!”

Jack Hawkins Nutshell Apps

“We have been working with Shane on our Adwords campaign for about 6 months and have seen immediate results, his advice and knowledge have been invaluable in helping us to plan our future strategies for online growth.”

Bryn Technical Manager, Sarabec

"Shane is very easy to work with, he’s responsive and gets down to the business immediately. Shane is very much results orientated which is super important when you work with targets, goals, budgets etc. That also means we are on the same page and trying to acheive the same results!"

Eva Director, South East Hot Tubs

“Having Shane onboard to help drive and develop our Google Ad account was always a no brainer. He brings in an incredible amount of experience and knowledge of the latest updates in Google and Bing. He fully understood our objective and has excelled and continues to drive success for our website”

Arthur Marketing Manager, Veltuff

"Nothing is an issue when working with Shane, he clearly knows what he’s doing in his field and I would have no hesitancy about recommending him. We have seen our brand grow and gain busier traction online in a short period of time. Thanks Shane"

Ross Director, Seven Keys Estate Agent

“Going into the workshop I didn’t even know what PPC stood for, and Shane lowered the barrier of entry to all things SEO[/PPC]. Thanks to Shane, I now have the resources and knowledge to conduct a thorough analysis of our website and importantly, the understanding how to make improvements going forward. “

Archie Director, FITOvol
When it comes to Bing Ads, here is my typical approach.

Typical Bing Ads Management Process.

Although I say typical, each Bing Ads client I work with will have a tailored campaign approach, what I do find is that the overarching elements of the campaign are relatively consistent. As a freelancer, I don't have heavy operating procedures which allow me to be very fluid. Please just use this as a guide as intended and if you'd like a more tailored proposal, please do get in touch.

Commercial Performance Digitally
Tracking & Reporting with Bing Ads

Full Commercial Awareness

Does the revenue you see each month reflect returns, credits, lifetime value or even profitability? If not, I find this very problematic for accurate decision-making. I also consider the current business performance, many of times I've seen companies be pushed down a new direction or prospecting, only to recruit customers they don't typically sell to. For example, b2b moving into b2c accidentally. Here I get under the skin of your business and build clarity around what Bing Ads success looks like, in isolation and as part of a bigger picture.

Bing Ads Graphic
Moving into the build stage

Building or adapting Bing ads

When I'm clear on what success looks like, I'll begin either building up or on top of existing campaigns. I'll roll my sleeves up and do whatever it takes to build up a commercial performance that makes sense to scale, in a sustainable and self-funding way. Ensuring I track everything I can from lifetime value, offline leads, direct revenue and a 360-degree view of what I'm doing to your business and more importantly, the bottom line.

Campaign Efficiency Graphic
Efficiency Work

Keep moving Bing Ads Forward

Data comes in thick and fast typically, adapting to this data in approach and foundation will completely change the trajectory of the campaign. Here I'll work with internal teams to get reciprocal feedback and really hone in on areas of problem or promise. At this stage most clients are either in one of two camps, requiring full walk throughs on the approach or others just letting me press on as long as commercial success is happening.

Watering a plant to grow graphic
Scaling up Microsoft Bing Ads

Scaling up where possible.

As search volume is much lower on Bing, it doesn't mean you can't scale it. When the cost of sale, ROI/ROAS and offline lead volume/calibre align it often leads to either suppressing campaigns due to overtrading or developing scale-up capabilities. There are multiple ways this can be done, from landing page optimisation, more aggressive bidding or new prospecting - I'll help you scale up in a sustainable, low risk and self-funding way.

Can I help your Bing Ads performance?

Pass on your details here.

If you need a second opinion, proposal or to learn more about my Microsoft Bing Ads freelance service, please just input your details on the form here. I'll be in touch as quickly as I can - I'm always available for questions and support, either through this site or via LinkedIn.

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