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Capture a local audience with SEO

High Impact Local SEO Services

Engaging the 'near me' prospects can have a prolific impact on your business. Just by being in close proximity, you hold a massive competitive edge but many businesses are disadvantaged by their SEO. Speak with me today on how we can really drive your business forward, with local search.

The key benefits of using me as your local SEO freelancer.

How you can win with local SEO

I know putting your details into the form below is a big ask; so I won't to lay out some of the core benefits you'll receive when you commission me as your local SEO expert.

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More SEO for your budget

Freelancer Rates

As a freelancer I don't have massive overheads, no fancy offices, account managers or sales staff to pay for - my clients enjoy utilising 100% of their budget towards hands-on work.

If you want to see why it makes sense to hire a freelancer, read why you should hire me.

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Growth in all the right areas

Rankings that drive commercial performance.

There are no two ways about it, attracting local prospects has to lead to commercial growth - both revenue and the bottom line. As with all my freelance SEO services, all efforts lead to driving the bottom line in a sustainable and aggressive way.

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No obligations at all.

No retainers here.

If my results can't retain your business, I don't want a contractual obligation to. I'm hourly based and will only invoice the work which has been spent on your account - this means you can use my services for 1 hour and walk away.

The proof is in the pudding

The SEO of the site you're on

Let's me walk you through the SEO results I've got on the website you are looking at - operating in a hyper competitive industry.

Some kind words from existing clients.

I work exceptionally hard for all my clients and when I receive feedback, I just want to shout about it - read three testimonials I've received over the last few weeks.

We’ve been working with Shane for several months now across a diverse range of SEO projects. He is immensely knowledgeable across a multitude of topics and has helped us deliver best in class analysis in several, highly technical briefs. We would have no qualms in recommending Shane as a proficient and reliable additional pair of hands to any digital team.

Ginny Director, Interim Digital

Shane is very easy to work with, he’s responsive and gets down to the business immediately. Shane is very much results orientated which is super important when you work with targets, goals, budgets etc. That also means we are on the same page and trying to acheive the same results!

Evelina Eva, Director, South East Hot Tub Hire

SEO is completely new to us so having Shane take charge and offer his advice on what works and what can be ‘Quick wins’ has been greatly received! We look forward to working more closely with Shane over the next few years!

James Director, DPPUK

Let me grow your local visibility.