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PPC Freelancer Services

Trust me to deliver profitable paid search.

Absorb 12 years professional PPC management experience into your team with my freelance services. The only compromise will be the invoice at the end of the month. If you're a business owner, marketing manager or head of sales, campaigns under my control perform exceptionally well, letting you carry out day to day tasks. Don't be burdened or overwhelmed when it comes to PPC, speak to me today.

Let's talk strategy

Challenge your PPC ROI

Pay Per Click is fluid and requires carefully planning and management. Previous good performance does not always guarantee future performance. Let's go through some hard questions you need to think about.

If PPC became unaffordable tomorrow, would it cause a major problem in your business? Over reliance on paid mediums is a very real problem, your paid campaigns need to fuel your customer base with loyal, repeat purchasing individuals.

Let me assess your current position and provide feedback on how to become more resilient with paid search.

It's very easy to become entangled in paid search with positive isolated metrics, if this doesn't align with the wider business context or profitability target it needs assessing.

I'll help you build coherence within your search campaigns and how to drive a healthier bottom line.

Many customers can have disparity between Facebook, Bing or Ads. It's very hard to come back to the middle ground and make an unbiased business decisions when the company is well within one-platform eco system.

I'll help your business realign business goals and identify suitable platforms. I'll help create transparency between if the approach or platform is causing the current performance.

Conversion rates give a narrow view into performance. Assessing if the acquistiion method, strategy or web asset is causing under performance is a challenging journey.

I'll help demystify performance by reviewing core metrics to help increase conversion rates, which can be achieved through conversion rate optimisation, acquisition efficiencies or platform selection.

Brands I've worked with

Here is a selection of the brands I've worked with either as a freelancer or as agency employee or dedicated in-house employee.

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Silverbean Logo
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Interim Digital Logo
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