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How I can help your business with Ads

Trust me to deliver profitable paid search.

Absorb 12 years professional PPC management experience into your team with my freelance services. The only compromise will be the invoice at the end of the month. If you're a business owner, marketing manager or head of sales, campaigns under my control perform exceptionally well, letting you carry out day to day tasks. Don't be burdened or overwhelmed when it comes to PPC, speak to me today.

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How effective is my PPC freelancer service?

Well you'd expect me to biased, so let my clients tell you.

Multiple award winning, multi-million pound budgets and over a decade in search. This means absolutely nothing to your business - I retain business on results and not contractual terms. If you'd like another opinion on your search campaign or just to pick my brain, please do get in touch.

“Shane has been fundamental to our PPC efforts. He took the time to get under the hood of our business and strategize effectively. He’s fast, thorough and extremely knowledgeable – we will definitely use his services again in the future. Thanks Shane!”

Jack Hawkins Nutshell Apps

“We have been working with Shane on our Adwords campaign for about 6 months and have seen immediate results, his advice and knowledge have been invaluable in helping us to plan our future strategies for online growth.”

Bryn Technical Manager, Sarabec

"Shane is very easy to work with, he’s responsive and gets down to the business immediately. Shane is very much results orientated which is super important when you work with targets, goals, budgets etc. That also means we are on the same page and trying to acheive the same results!"

Eva Director, South East Hot Tubs

“Having Shane onboard to help drive and develop our Google Ad account was always a no brainer. He brings in an incredible amount of experience and knowledge of the latest updates in Google and Bing. He fully understood our objective and has excelled and continues to drive success for our website”

Arthur Marketing Manager, Veltuff

"Nothing is an issue when working with Shane, he clearly knows what he’s doing in his field and I would have no hesitancy about recommending him. We have seen our brand grow and gain busier traction online in a short period of time. Thanks Shane"

Ross Director, Seven Keys Estate Agent

“Going into the workshop I didn’t even know what PPC stood for, and Shane lowered the barrier of entry to all things SEO[/PPC]. Thanks to Shane, I now have the resources and knowledge to conduct a thorough analysis of our website and importantly, the understanding how to make improvements going forward. “

Archie Director, FITOvol
See what my freelance PPC services achieved for clients in March.

Click to watch my PPC results video

Click on the video below as I walk you through some quick wins I've had during March and April 2022, I'm aiming at getting these updated regualrly. So please do subscribe to my YouTube channel too.

Shane's PPC results video - March/April 2022
A summary of ways I can help your business.

How I handle critical areas of PPC

A major benefit to being a pay per click freelancer is the fluidity aspect, I can fully tailor my approach to the needs of the business. This covers everything from being on-site to doing weekly calls with sales staff. You may think my direct objective here is to recruit more clients, no, I'm setup in a way that results keeps clients - so by growing your business I'm growing mine (because you'll want to use my services over a longer term).

Discovering more about your business.

On-site capabilities

I learn so much being on-site with clients, it gets a good sense of how their operations work, meet shareholders and likely learn more in one visit than 3 months remote. Just by one site-visit I often find I'm so far ahead of my competitors because it allows me to piece together how I can tailor my expertise (ppc management) with your core business model, sometimes this can be difficult to translate fully remote. Especially when my long-term goal is to become a partner and not a vendor (OK, this more cliche thing in marketing but a genuine objective of mine).

What does success look like?

Full commercial success definition

This is where most of my competitors fall down and they've just got out of the gate. I consider the full business impact and not just PPC's impact on your business. For example, I look at things like GP, returns, calibre of leads, impact on business, prospecting, seasonality, reciprocal sales feedback and reporting which supports internal function. Each service I offer is ultimately graded by the bottom line performance - I strive to be self-funding in all client touch points - I want to make my services a no brainer and the only way to do that is a full agreeable commercial framework.

Following my nose for success.

True-data driven enhancements

Data can be accumulated rapidly, when you don't have someone assessing performance and reacting, stagnation can be a real risk for your business. Mitigating stagnation often requires three things in search; data driven decisions, business compatibility and a fluid supplier who can adapt their approach (based on over a decade of professional experience).

Growth at the heart of what I do.

Scaling up in a proper way

I think if all clients were armed with a true commercial ROI they would keep spending, until a time that ROI could not be achieved. Unless the business is overtrading, growth is a major part of all companies. Here I make it incredibly easy for businesses to scale up in two ways, full commercial breakdown on performance so you can see progress and also expert guidance on how to do it sustainably.

Let's talk strategy

Challenge your PPC ROI

Pay Per Click is fluid and requires carefully planning and management. Previous good performance does not always guarantee future performance. Let's go through some hard questions you need to think about.

Yes, I am a Google Approved Ads Partner, you can find proof of this with my listing on the official Google Ads Partner Directory. I do have a dedicated Google Ads freelancer page, showcasing all the benefits of this particular service.

If PPC became unaffordable tomorrow, would it cause a major problem in your business? Over reliance on paid mediums is a very real problem, your paid campaigns need to fuel your customer base with loyal, repeat purchasing individuals.

Let me assess your current position and provide feedback on how to become more resilient with paid search.

It's very easy to become entangled in paid search with positive isolated metrics, if this doesn't align with the wider business context or profitability target it needs assessing.

I'll help you build coherence within your search campaigns and how to drive a healthier bottom line.

Many customers can have disparity between Facebook, Bing or Ads. It's very hard to come back to the middle ground and make an unbiased business decisions when the company is well within one-platform eco system.

I'll help your business realign business goals and identify suitable platforms. I'll help create transparency between if the approach or platform is causing the current performance.

Conversion rates give a narrow view into performance. Assessing if the acquistiion method, strategy or web asset is causing under performance is a challenging journey.

I'll help demystify performance by reviewing core metrics to help increase conversion rates, which can be achieved through conversion rate optimisation, acquisition efficiencies or platform selection.

My contact details

If you would like more information on the freelance pay per click services I offer, feel free to drop me a line using the below details. I'd very much like the opportunity to put a proposal in, or do feel free to pick my brains on your current structure.