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Technical SEO Audit Service

Finding technical SEO issues on your site is only one third of the process, identifying what to fix and how to fix it, for the highest commercial impact, is where I add significant value.
Technical SEO is a fundamental, often overlooked, part of Search Engine Optimisation. If done correctly, it'll help enhance your organic visibility site-wide. Get your professional SEO audit carried out by an industry professional with over 14 years experience.

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Input your details below and I’ll compile a fully bespoke proposal for your business – including the estimated costs for a professional SEO audit. 

Technical SEO Audit Service

What's typically included in a Technical SEO audit?

Speaking from experience, my typical professional SEO audit covers everything that can influence your organic visibility in Google. As long as I can gain access to the correct tools (such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4), I will be able to carry out a full deep dive into your site. There are often three component parts to my audit. 

Technical SEO Auditing

This covers everything from indexability of your website, fundamentals holding visibility back and also opportunistic changes. It’ll likely be driven through a combination of crawls, deep dive into software and also CMS specific issues. 

Observational SEO Auditing

Often stepping outside of the traditional technical audit of SEO – this section covers manual auditing, this will identify tailored issues and opportunities for your website, CMS and will also likely enhance UX. 

Strategy Development

Finding issues with the website is easy part, there is actually underpinning tasks I carry out which really add value for my clients. 

Many SEO experts will provide recommendations over the full site without considering if the page is actually viable (or if it’s worth spending time, effort or money on). I have bespoke auditing tools like Page Impact reports, clustering and also content audits. 

I’ll then box all these recommendations up into a simple document which prioritises fixes and simplifies remedial work. With everything I do, I tether back to commercial impact and the cost to get the change implemented onto the website. 

What benefits have people seen from my technical SEO skills?

"You’ll be pleased to know that 90% of my clients came from the service I'm offering you - SEO"
Shane Parkins
"We just gotta take a moment to give major props to Shane Parkins. This guy has been working his magic on our SEO and PPC campaigns at Runrug, and let me tell you – he’s been nothing short of a game-changer!"
"Shane has helped us adapt a back-to-basics approach, conducting a full site revisit and overhaul. He and his team are heavily involved in all aspects - from swapping CRMs and rebuilding the site to improving our rankings. To top things off, the communication is great and we’re able to squash any issues quickly and effectively."
Marketing Manager, Greenbank
"Shane produces practical strategies that deliver results. Whether you are thinking SEO or PPC, I’d hire Shane in a heartbeat. One of the best in the business when it comes to SEO and Paid Advertisements."
"Shane is immensely knowledgeable across a multitude of topics and has helped us deliver best in class analysis in several, highly technical briefs. We would have no qualms in recommending Shane as a proficient and reliable additional pair of hands to any digital team."
"Shane and his team are superb. Their knowledge of SEO and PPC are second to none."
Director, Inovo
"Shane has taken our business fully online and drives an incredible amount of leads each month - from a complete standing start. This includes increased calls, enquiries and ultimately pounds and pence through turnover."
Director, NERR

Carrying out an SEO audit yourself?

After 14+ years of doing SEO, you learn a thing of two about technical aspects of the acquisition channel. Below is a breakdown of some of the errors I commonly see within SEO and also my thoughts around how to fix each one of them. Learn how to carry out your own audit using tools like SiteBulb, SEMRush, Screaming Frog and Google Search Console. 

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Enter your details in the form here and I’ll run a top level audit of your website, it shouldn’t take long and will give you some basic information on your site’s health. 

In addition to getting a free audit, if you are stuck on a particular problem, do feel free to reach out to me – I’m always happy to help fellow SEO experts answer any questions they may have.