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Let's talk track record.

Do I get results for clients?

I speak to businesses who are often dissatisfied with current performance. The experience, portfolio or awards don't make a difference to your site - but it should be a good indicator that I've got the ability to drive your business forward.

Shane has been fundamental to our PPC efforts. He took the time to get under the hood of our business and strategize effectively. He’s fast, thorough and extremely knowledgeable...

Jack Hawkins Digital Marketing Manager, Nutshell Apps

We have been working with Shane on our Adwords campaign for about 6 months and have seen immediate results, his advice and knowledge have been invaluable in helping us to plan our future strategies for online growth.

Bryn Technical Manager, Sarabec

...Shane is immensely knowledgeable across a multitude of topics and has helped us deliver best in class analysis in several, highly technical briefs. We would have no qualms in recommending Shane as a proficient and reliable additional pair of hands to any digital team.

Ginny Director, Interim Digital
But actual results though?

Let me show you the numbers.

In the two videos below you'll see some of the results I've achieved for clients over the last 2-4 weeks. This includes SEO performance of the very site you are looking at and also a cohort of PPC campaigns I'm helping drive forward. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I'm aiming at uploading on a regular basis.

PPC Cohort Performance.

Shane's PPC results video - March/April 2022

SEO Results of this site.

SEO Case Study Video Thumbnail
I'm hired and retained for one reason.

To increase profitability from search.

I achieve this through increasing turnover, saving costs and driving search performance in all the right areas.

From rectifying a site in a bad way to building on previous success, when you hire me you are on boarding over 12 years professional industry experience into your team.

Agency calibre results, freelancer costs and business owner customer service.

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    The questions I hear frequently

    Something on your mind?

    The questions cover the basics, each campaign and client is different so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to ask something specific.

    My fees are based by the hour, it is a fixed priced given at the start of the campaign. What influences the hourly rate are various considerations such as, if the project is one-off, if the project requires a lot of hours or if you are looking for a long term partner. I am on average 50% cheaper per hour than agencies.

    That's not to say if you are paying £2,000 per month now I'll automatically be £1,000, I could be £200 or £2,000, depending on hourly requirement.

    Yes, if they are doing right by you. I'm working with several clients who employ a full time agency, as additional resource. I have also been used to audit agencies work. Agencies and business owners should consider me an extension of ability rather than a replacement if you are happy with your current agency.

    Yes, I work with a handful of clients whereby I physically work a full day within their office. My portfolio of clients that have on-site services often do better than solely remote, this is due to having the ability to really get under the skin of the business and understand it. Charges are my hourly rate + expense adjuster on where you are based in the world.

    No, every client I work with is free to walk away at any time. If my results cannot keep you using my services I don't want a contractual obligation to, that's not fair for anyone.

    What You Can Expect


    No fluff, jargon or silliness.

    No wishy washy campaigns or blagging, only strategic marketing that is powerful enough to move EBITDAs.


    Do what I say, say what I do.

    Full reporting without paralysis by analysis. All the core figures for everyone to see and scrutinise, the way it should be.


    Assessment with backbone.

    Having difficult conversations and conviction in the strategy I'm offering, all part of the service. My only loyalty is growing your business.


    I know when I don't know

    I'm an expert in what I do but I don't know everything. When I don't know something I'll let you know - sadly, that's very rare in the digital marketing sphere.