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Marketers around the world have had their say, revealing what they believe are the most effective marketing techniques. What defines a effective marketing technique? It’s their assumption that this specific activity will lead to improvement in commercial performance.

What’s particularly interesting with this survey is it was conducted just before the pandemic. A follow up survey on how the marketing paradigm has shifted post-pandemic would be very interesting indeed.

Key highlights indicate that some disparity occurs between regions, artificial intelligence is most common within North America, Europe and APAC. The difference seems to occur between the use of AI, which certain regions employing it as a discovery support tool whereas many regions adopt this to automate their marketing efforts, within 24 months AI adoption within marketing leaped from 29% to 80% in 2020.

  1. Content Marketing 17.4% – the hot topic of marketing, devising and publishing a content marketing strategy, which drives commercial performance, is the number one rated activity from marketers around the world.
  2. Marketing Automation 17.4% – running a close second is working smarter and not harder. Automation has absolutely took off over the last 12-24 months, there’s no shock why this is number 2. Marketing can be littered with menial task and arming a market with time to follow their nose should be top agenda for any business owner.
  3. Big data 15.3% – big data nowadays doesn’t require full IT departments to manage. Slicing data into dynamic and meaningful views is a foundation of a marketing team. Data-driven marketing helps fuel the right decision, but it has to be meaningful and holding a strong probability in upturn of commercial performance.
  4. AI and Machine Learning 12.9% – With the surgency of automated marketing and machine learning, I think every marketing professional has seen ROI from this area, anything from audience mapping to handing your PPC campaign over to the like of SMART Shopping. Humans are predictable and behaviour can be intercepted, we are dealing with a machine learning curve like we’ve never seen before and ROI is there for the taking for early adopters.
  5. Social media marketing 7.8% – social media agencies are popping up like no tomorrow, I’m seeing every day transitions of budget control over to social over other mediums. Both organic and paid performance on social can help build the foundations of brand audience and community, you’ll not waste a dime here trying to become better integrated with your ambassadors or trying to breed new ones with a robust social strategy.
  6. Conversion Rate Optimisation 4.8% – amplify the full ROI from acquisition with CRO. All roads lead to improving website experience. Session recording, heat maps and customer feedback tools are popping up like no tomorrow.
  7. Communities 4.8% – build the following and sales will come. When you generate a following, or community, that barrier of retention becomes stronger by the day. Everybody is looking to belong to something, brands who take advantage of this, in the right way, create really powerful legacy brands. Forums may have had their day but other platforms are coming into view.
  8. Paid search marketing 3.9% – you know where you are with this, with the top 7 likely underpinning success when it comes to paid.
  9. Mobile marketing 3% – mobile first? Perhaps the lines of desktop vs. mobile have completely morphed and marketers are looking to unify it, without segmentation – I’d of expected this to be higher when you look at time used per device. But another line that is becoming grainy by the day is the difference in experience from a mobile to other devices.
  10. SEO 3% – hm. I thought this would be a little higher. OK, Google has tried to suppress organic with map listings, Schema, more ads and anything else they can viably put above organic – but it’s still an active market and driving serious revenue for a lot of businesses. 

Other areas which didn’t make the top 10 include:

11. Partnerships 2.7% 
12. Display 2.7% 
13. Online PR 2.1% (wow, thought this would be higher too)
14. Other 2.1%


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