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Technical SEO audits are a necessity.

Having your website audited can verify your website's core-ability to rank in search engines. Don't let vital technical aspects of your website get missed, dealing with these issues early on can dramatically change the trajectory of a SEO campaign. 

Warning: Tech lingo below, don't want to know the ins and outs of the audit? I'd recommend getting in touch with me.

Don't let technical SEO get in the way.

When it comes to assessing the technical elements of your site, you need a full 360-degree audit of your site. Having sound SEO infrastructure can amplify campaign performance for years to come, or cause dramatic underperformance too.

I assess and report back on every single element that can influence your ability to rank. Complimenting my 12+ years experience within SEO are robust and industry leading tools. This allows me to provide you with insights that will really move the dial for organic visibility.

This depends on the size of the website but also the amount of errors. I don't use templates, instead I write fully-comprehensive reports on a site by side basis. As a rule of thumb, for a fully comprehensive SEO technical audit, you would be looking between £150 to £1,200. For the larger quote you would be talking about a website with 15,000+ pages and 100,000+ identified issues.

Unsure about the current state of your technical SEO? Always seek the advice of a SEO expert if unsure but there is a method you can get a glimpse into how your site is performing. If you log into Google Search Console > Coverage > Excluded tab this can show you the URLs which may need some attention. This is just a basic assessment and requires more input from an SEO professional.

Once key areas have been identified, the audit will be written in a way which achieves two things. The first objective is to provide clients with enough information that they fully understand the issue. The second objective is to provide clients with the ability to assess if the change is viable for them to do or if they need my services to rectify. It is written as assessment of issue, why it's an issue and proposed fix. I do not use templates with pre-written text, all my audits are done on a site by site basis.

Yes. It can be one of the most profitable marketing activities you can do, why? Well this tactic can provide revenue increases for days, weeks, months and years in the future. When technical SEO is done correctly it can amplify your visibility and also increase the likelihood of new pages/content getting good visibility earlier.

The audit breakdown.

What's included with the tech audit?

You probably won't know what this stuff means, but after the audit you should have a good idea. This list is not fully exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination but can showcase some of the areas I'll be assessing. If you've ran a crawl of your site and identified any of the below, feel free to click on the text and you can see how I typically handle that specific errors (Work in Progress).

The above tasks are often found by a crawl of the site, using several tools, in addition to the audit and generating a full 360-degree view of your site, I look at Google Search Console specific errors which include the following errors:

  • Server error, identified by Search Console. 
  • Redirection errors. 
  • Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt.
  • Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’.
  • The submitted URL seems to be a Soft 404.
  • Submitted URL returns unauthorized request (401).
  • Submitted URL not found (404).
  • Submitted URL return 403.
  • Submitted URL blocked due to other 4xx issue.

Alongside the errors (which often take precedence over the warnings), we still need to be mindful and address warnings, especially if they are excessive:

  • Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt.
  • Page indexed without content. 

The excluded section.

The final piece is the Excluded section. I call this the hidden SEO tressure trove, nobody really looks in here but it gives so much important information about your site and how Google interprets it. Here I look at issues such as (and how to resolve):

  • Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag. 
  • blocked by page removal tool.
  • Blocked by robots.txt
  • Blocked due to unauthorised request (401).
  • Crawled – not currently indexed. 
  • Discovered – currently not indexed. 
  • Alternative page with the proper canonical tag. 
  • Duplicate without user-selected canonical.
  • Duplicate, Google chose different canonical tag than the user. 
  • Not found (404)
  • Page with redirect.
  • Soft 404.
  • Duplicate Submitted URL not selected as canonical. 
  • Blocked due to access forbidden (403).
  • Blocked due to other 4xx issue.
  • Crawl issues / DNS issues highlighted in crawling settings. 

Why are some tasks duplicated?

Problems can be graded, if your homepage is currently showing a 404 vs. a product filter, one may be an error and the other a warning. We also look at different troubleshooting tools, SEMrush may identify 500 server error on a particular page and Google may see hundreds, this is due to SEMRush having limited exposure to the site and Google consistently crawling the site. 

Additional auditing areas

Providing a cookie-cutter audit is only half the service I offer. I combine the technical elements broken down into bite-sized chunks along with secondary auditing elements, this includes dynamic Regex/filtering of Search Console data to look out for things like cannibalisation. I also look at secondary metrics like the readability of content, and link auditing which can be presented in video format to accompany the audit. 


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