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Dissatisfied with your organic performance?

Freelance eCommerce SEO services.

I help business owners and marketing teams drastically improve organic performance. I'll also help develop reporting that satisfies the commercial aspects and marketing key performance indicators required to make informed data-driven marketing decisions.

Assess the current situation


A major benefit to hiring me is I come with a fresh pair of eyes. Assessing the current situation can often uncover areas overlooked along with identifying opportunities. I'll do a full grounds up assessment of SEO on your eCommerce store - you won't get a 40 page report, it'll be a blue print with clear action points. Read more about my technical SEO services.

Everyone on the same page.


I commonly see marketers clashing with senior shareholders, sales teams, and operations staff. Everyone is striving for the same objective, I help marketing teams communicate more effectively with the wider business - demystifying the key areas within their remit and how it can help support the wider business.

Hands on support


When I publish my findings, strategy and opportunity breakdown it often swamps internal teams. Some clients don't have anybody to execute them either. I can act as a pair of hands when it comes to eCommerce performance, working with most of the major CMS platforms. Hire me as an extension of your marketing team to increase capacity dramatically.

Let's look long-term


I'll craft a monthly, quarterly and annual strategy to ensure SEO growth has a direction of travel, is sustainable and achievable. I can clearly lay down the steps required to get from A to B and break down the stigma of what exactly 'B' looks like, both in commercial terms and marketing KPIs.

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eCommerce SEO differs from other strategies, such as local SEO, lead generation, or brand awareness. This particular strategy is focused on direct commercial terms of buying products and doesn't rely (usually) on a sales team or other moving parts. Areas such as Schema mark-up differ significantly and also have it's own unique challenges.

I currently manage a portfolio of clients that turnover £1bn+ per year. Most of these sales come from eCom, I also provide consultancy for several high street names as a dedicated eCommerce consultant. I have over 12 years of experience and in that time have won several industry awards and generated a significant case study portfolio.

There isn't a platform I cannot work with, most of them do the same thing and as long as it allows me to do basic SEO functions, I can work with any of them. I do have hands-on experience with Magento, Aero Commerce, and WooCommerce.

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