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Leading UK SEO Consultant

My SEO consultation service is a wise addition to your marketing team, allowing you to tap into over 12 years experience of prolifically growing organic performance. This service does differ slightly from my typical SEO Freelancer service in a few key ways, firstly it is designed to provide more support and guidance and less hands on - albeit the fluid way I grow websites means you will never be short when you commission me as your consultant. Although I can work with any website framework, from Shopify to Laravel custom builds, I further specialise within WordPress SEO, what this website is built on.

Results are more powerful than words.

Words from clients.

When it comes to SEO it has to be self-funding, otherwise it makes no commercial sense. Here are some clients I've worked with, taken from my case study section, which can be found in the main navigation under About Me.

We’ve been working with Shane for several months now across a diverse range of SEO projects. He is immensely knowledgeable across a multitude of topics and has helped us deliver best in class analysis in several, highly technical briefs.

Ginny Director, Interim Digital

SEO is completely new to us so having Shane take charge and offer his advice on what works and what can be ‘Quick wins’ has been greatly received! We look forward to working more closely with Shane over the next few years!

James Smith Director, DPUK

[Shane] is responsive and gets down to the business immediately. Shane is very much results orientated which is super important when you work with targets, goals, budgets etc. That also means we are on the same page and trying to acheive the same results!

Eva Director, South East Hot Tubs
How I help businesses grow organically

Some of the key ways I can help

Get the help you need to run successful SEO campaigns, anything from helping make business decisions to providing consultation on executing plans.

eCommerce Consultant SEO Graphic
Online sales growth

eCommerce Consultation

Getting the right support your business when it comes to eCommerce can do incredible things for revenue and profit. Get the best advice on how to drive your sales forward, I also provide a dedicated hands on eCommerce SEO service, which is more hands on opposed to consultation.

Lead Gen SEO Graphic
Enquiry based SEO consultation

Lead Generation SEO

Getting more leads from SEO is only half the battle, they need to be the right calibre and in-line with the business needs. Partnering with me gives you the confidence of over 12 years experience in scaling lead generation. I don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to generating leads, instead I identify what customers have been acquired in the past, or ideal customers, and look at new ways to target them.

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Customers walking to your store

Local SEO Consultation

Local business SEO tends to have quicker results, especially when you are armed with a well-seasoned SEO expert consultant. With this service I'll walk you through the best ways to drive footfall to your store or local service, using highly effective and tested techniques. I also provide local SEO services beyond just consultancy - helping find and fix any issues.

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"What does this mean" Support

Technical SEO Consultation

When you embark on a SEO campaign there are plenty of technical terms to get your head around. Sometimes you just need someone available on the other end of the phone to really break down what it means and above all else, setting a priority order in what to focus on. I provide much more than just phone support and email, I can also help identify problematic areas holding your site back with my Technical SEO services (which is more hands on than traditional consultancy).

How does this site perform?

The organic rankings of this website.

If I'm offering your business SEO consultancy, you'd expect this website to perform well - here I have created a video showcasing the results I managed to achieve with this very website.

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FAQ for hiring a SEO consultant

Have any questions?

It can be a big decision when hiring a SEO consultant and I'd be naive to think I was a fit for all businesses. Here I outline commonly asked questions and my advice for trying to find the best SEO consultant for your business. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Everyone has their own pricing, I work under both hourly rate and retainer fees. This question can be slightly flawed, what you need to work out is what the ROI is. SEO may be something you don't fully understand but carry out due-diligence, get a few consultants in for a pitch as it'll give you something to benchmark each of them against.

I often look at my freelance service as find and fix, an extra resource - but when it comes to consultancy, what I'm finding is businesses that have marketing teams and need additional expertise. So my consultancy services tends to be lower-fee but bolstering an internal team or business owner with expert SEO knowledge. Consultancy can be important during key milestones such as new website launches, driving SEO to the next level or diagnostics around what has went wrong in the past. You are essentially hiring 12+ years professional industry knowledge into your business to really guide internal SEO dialogue and support.

I'd propose starting with a Google search, identify 10 consultants that you like the look of - a good fit for your business. From that point I'd reach out to them, there is every possibility that a few may not have availability. Try and wean your selection down to 3-4 and invite them to pitch for your business. If you haven't done SEO in the past nor hired a consultant, this is a really good opportunity to benchmark them against each other. Once you are through the pitch process, see which consultants give you the most flexibility too - any contractual obligations can tie you in and put you at risk of falling for someone who can sell SEO but not deliver.

You should firstly not stray away from your core business - SEO is an extension of your overall sales strategy. So what does this mean? Well it needs to have logic, you wouldn't be a luxury watch seller and try and get customers searching watch straps would you? Validate the logic of what they are putting forward. The technical jargon aside, is it going to lead to recruiting the right customers for your business? Can you track any commercial uplift? Can you show me how much business the organic traffic has generated this month? Always look and ask questions of your potential consultancy provider that align with overall business goals and commercial performance.

What differentiates me?

What makes my services so unique?

Let me walk you through the top 3 services you get when using my services over the average SEO expert.

ROI from SEO
The main reason for any campaign

True commercial performance

Most businesses can't accurately track ROI from search; they have no idea the true impact it is having. With each campaign I'm involved in, I'll make a tremendous effort to get reporting and tracking correct. This gives you a true reflection on the impact I'm having and the previous impact your website had with organic search. The bedrock of every campaign I run is accurate reporting and performance monitoring. The sad reality here is a lot of freelancers completely overlook these commercial indicators over vanity marketing figures.

Google Browser Graphic
Rapid results with sustainability

Ranking improvements

If you are being told it may take years for SEO to improve, the person telling you this is ultimately saying it'll take them years. Although big growth does take time, you should see the right markers moving pretty rapidly. I also don't entertain risking sustainability for short lived results, within the 12 years of being within the industry I've never had a site react badly as Google updates its algorithms, this is due to my user-centric way of working instead of trying to cheat the system.

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Do what I say, say what I do.

Full strategic transparency

Honesty and transparency is a rarity sometimes in this industry, I'm fully transparent on what I do and ensure it reaffirms wider business objectives. Some clients have links from sites they would not be associated with or perhaps it's writing content that is just for search engines, harming brand and usability - I don't entertain these tactics, you'll be able to keep track on all the tasks with my clear reporting.