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Semrush October Updates

On the 6th of October, Semrush made a few updates aiming to provide more functionality to marketers – from adding the ability to mark social media posts as needing approval to aiding local SEO marketers by adding the Heatmap feature. Before we go over each of these updates and how they can help you, let’s first summarise what Semrush is for those who have not yet had the pleasure of using it.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a marketer’s army Swiss knife; it’s an all-in-one tool for improving your search rankings among many other things such as advertising campaigns. It offers over 40 tools to help you grow your business or that of your clients via search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing, and social media marketing. 

October Updates

Semrush made four updates to be exact, they are as follows:

The addition of Kompyte 

Kompyte is a competitor analysis software built by Semrush – It leverages AI to track competitors’ web pages, gathers data around search marketing, and alerts you of time-sensitive trends that can be taken advantage of. 

Being aware of what your competitors are doing is always great knowledge to have so that you can be hot on their heels and a real pain in their backside as you take up the higher rankings on SERPS. The same goes for having more data available. With more data, comes more insights which hopefully leads to more educated strategies that yield better results.

In summary, kompyte is yet another tool in your arsenal that can be utilised to fire you up the search engine results page, leaving your competitors in the dust.

You can now mark social media posts as needing approval 

This is a small update but one which will help you save some valuable time and also save you from feeling frustrated as you fiddle about trying to get the post scheduled, jumping to Canva to get a view-only link to send to the approver, waiting for it to get approved, jumping back on Semrush and so on. Thanks to this update, it’s as simple as uploading your post, scheduling it, marketing it as ‘Post needs approval’, and sending the secret client link to the person who is responsible for green-lighting the social media posts. Another handy thing to mention is that the approver doesn’t need a Semrush account.

The new Local SEO tool – The Heatmap feature

The heatmap visualises how much competition there is in your local area with the green colours showing that there is little competition, orange representing a medium amount of competition, and red signalling that you’re going to have a tough time getting up those rankings. Definitely, a handy tool to have if you are trying to improve your local rankings.

You can download a PDF file from the heatmap for the current month as well as prior months.

One account for a whole team

Semrush developed Shared limits to allow multiple marketing professionals within a team to utilise a single Semrush account. This gifts the account owner more freedom and flexibility when managing their accounts. An added benefit is that you save a lot of money by not having to get each team member a Semrush account.


This update introduces a lot of very handy features for marketers, whether they focus on social media, local SEO, or any other form of marketing. Semrush is a giant in the marketing space being utilised by millions of marketers worldwide so it’s great to see that they are pumping these updates out, providing us with more tools to increase our business/clients’ marketing performance.