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Pricing & Availability

If you've been looking around for freelancers, this is a page you probably won't see too often - a fully transparent breakdown on pricing. Time is my commodity and dictates how I charge, my expertise is the value added to campaigns that dictates the cost for that hour. Also here you can see what my availability looks like for taking on new clients.

"One of the best in the business when it comes to SEO and Paid Advertisements."

"Shane has been fundamental to our PPC efforts. He took the time to get under the hood of our business and strategise effectively. "

How much do I charge?

This is a great question, before I breakdown my full costings I would like you to consider a slightly different line of thought. The cost you see on an invoice each month should be reflective on the amount I bring into the business – cheaper providers are out there, but when you look at net gains, I’d feel comfortable doing like for like comparisons against leading agencies through to other freelancers. 

I currently have two pricing structures depending on if you are a business that is not an agency or if you operate an agency. 

I am not an agency

As a direct client there is no additional loopholes to jump through, therefore the rate is much cheaper than a agency. A business who would like to commission my services would fall under one of the two pricing structures:

Hourly rate: £50 / hour + VAT
Day rate: £300 / day + VAT

I am a marketing agency

As a marketing agency there are several additional hoops I often need to jump through, these can be dealing with problematic accounts, white label agreements, separate communication channels and also ensuring I am available at key times for client meetings. The rate for agencies to commission my service is through a singular rate:

Day rate: £400 / day + VAT

Do I charge for travel?

I can conduct meetings on-site with clients and I do not charge for my time, instead there is a flat fee of £0.45 per mile or expenses (such as train or flights). Due to a limited range of availability, I would need to book meetings in advance if they are not part of the overall campaign. It can often take up to 6 weeks to get sufficient availability in my diary to conduct an on-site meeting on the fly. 

Do I have a team supporting me?

I have some clients that require a more hands on approach, this could be writing blog posts, updating page titles or carrying out reporting. My hourly rate and day rate often become unsustainable when executing these key campaign requirements. I do have a team of junior to mid staff who can support campaigns on a much more economy driven scale – they can often provide 2-3 hours to my 1 hour with this level of support. All members of staff are full-time employed by the company and aren’t other freelancers. With that being said, I do have a strong network of developers, designers and expert writers in the event these are needed within the campaign – but I do not charge for these, instead I would make an introduction. 

What do my clients get for the cost?

Aside from the expert SEO and PPC management freelance service, there are additional perks my clients can receive when they commission my services, these are often around two key areas.

Software for your campaign

If a business was to purchase the same agreements as I have, to manage SEO, it would cost them around £5,000 per year. This is included within all my campaigns and we’re able to utilise reports for each client when required. There is a charge of £25 per month to get access to all of these items as a monthly cost, with all campaigns. The reason for this cost is, in the event you don’t wish to commission any time for one particular month, we can retain your profile and license within certain software packages – to save us having to delete it and set it up again when you want to use more support services. 


I am a professional SEO and PPC freelancer, an expert within search, but my background rests within digital marketing – above the usual support that you may expect from a highly experienced freelancer, I can help support your business in everything from Analytics through to email marketing. 

How many hours will I need?

This will vary depending on some key factors, this can include how many pages you have on your website, how big your campaign is, spend and hands on requirements. I can often provide a good indicator of banding around the campaign to provide you some insights and also create campaign caps so we don’t go above budget. It is always best to try and get a proposal first and this should help you work out roughly how many hours you need. 

What's my availability for new work?

I am currently running a 12-week lead time with onboarding new customers – if you are considering using my services, please get in touch as soon as possible. Sometimes things do change and I can fit clients in, as it stands of today, I get around 2-5 new enquiries a day to support clients and also pressure from existing clients to scale up. 

Terms and contracts of my services

Probably the easiest part to answer, there isn’t any – clients are free to move away from my services at any time and will only be required to pay for the services they have utilised in that given month. I do have some clients that will book out fixed time each month as part of a retainer which operates slightly different, but most clients will have no obligation to keep using my services. 


I’m well versed in managing these and will have no problem signing them. I can also provide templates for you if required. 

White label agreements

As part of NCA/NDAs I also sign a lot of white label agreements and SLAs. These can often scope out how emails need to be responded to, key communication channels and so on – giving your clients (around agency agreements) the full agency service from a third party freelancer.

Let's have a chat

If you want to have a chat about any of my services, please complete the form here or speak to me via the communication channels within the header of this site/contact page. 

Introduction to Shane

After working 14 years for companies of all sizes and ambitions – I’ve got an extensive range of skills to grow your business through search. Freelancing for just under 2 years now, I’ve amassed over 30 testimonials and case studies of companies, just like yours, that I’ve helped grow with effective and affordable SEO services. 

I’ve put together a quick introduction video to give you a whistle stop tour of my experience and how I typically work.