Email Icon – Our Exciting Internal Project

We were looking for a way for both of us (Shane and Victor) to practice our SEO skills without messing around with clients’ websites – this gave birth to the idea of spinning up an internal project. The only question was ‘What should the website be about?’ 

The answer was quite simple; since both of us have experience in creating multiple sources of income, we decided to create – a free online repository showcasing the best ways to make money online from as many sectors, jobs and industries as we can possibly source experts from. To kick things off we thoroughly planned the website out, created a boatload of high-quality step-by-step guides and then got to work creating the site. After a few weeks of some very late nights, we had the project complete and ready to go.

Why did we launch this website?

There were three main reasons behind launching the website:

  1. We wanted to have a way for us to practice new SEO techniques and test them out before we deployed them on clients’ websites. This gives us an opportunity to test the waters and see what works and what doesn’t; allowing us to only bring tried and tested ideas to our clients’ tables.
  2. We wanted to set ourselves a challenge so we launched the website within a very competitive industry – how to make money online. Competition for search terms within this sector is high, providing us with a real challenge.
  3. Looking at the state of the world right now, almost everyone has felt their wallets shrink as we face inflation rates that many of us have never seen in our lifetimes and the costs of living continue to rise. We wanted to offer a helping hand to everyone who finds themselves struggling right now and teach them how to increase their income. Knowledge like this is often hidden behind paywalls; we don’t believe that’s right so we offer high-quality step-by-step guides on tried and tested ways to increase your income for free. 

What results have we seen so far?

Quite frankly, the results have been amazing. In the past 7 days (24th Oct 22 to 31st Oct 22), we have seen 3304 unique visits to I think it’s safe to say that we both didn’t expect such a response to this project.

Want To Work With Us?

If you’re an expert in a specific field, industry, activity, service or anything else that can make you money on the side, we would love to hear from you.

We’re always on the lookout for experts who can put together further guides on topics they know inside out and ones which can help the everyday person kick-start an additional source of income. We can provide support with the writing if needed and will provide you with a follow link to your site as well as a profile page. For specific sectors, we may also pay for your time.

While this is not an easy project to work on, we are confident that we can get this website to page one of the SERPs. The exposure, referral traffic and overall SEO benefit for anyone who wishes to get on this project early will be incredible. Considering that we managed to receive over 3000 unique page views since launch speaks volumes for the potential of this project.

If you are interested in this project, be sure to contact either Shane or Victor on LinkedIn or contact us here.