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Today has really been a milestone in my freelancer journey, it’s the day I got my keys to a brand new office. I’ve really enjoyed co-working space and working from home but the novelty has really worn off – I’m finding dips in productivity and having a central working hub, I think will really develop my service offering.

Although I prefer visiting clients at their offices, because I don’t learn much about their business when they’re sitting in mine, everyone is welcome to pop in for a cuppa though (when the furnishings are here of course!).

I’ve seen first-hand how rare it is that offices come up in the Shildon area and as soon as I heard once become available I grabbed it with both hands. Situated in the Dabble Duck industrial estate, the Shildon Business Centre is home to several businesses from multiple sectors and from 1st April, an SEO and PPC freelancer will be joining the portfolio.

The office is also a necessary step to support someone joining my business full time. I’ll be firmly in charge of managing service delivery and this new role is designed to free up 10-15 hours per week for me to allocate more work to client deliverables. The new starter (I’ll introduce her soon), will be speaking to clients to handle my diary, invoices, administration and also reporting support.

I’m absolutely thrilled with how the freelancer journey has gone so far and the results I’ve been able to achieve for my clients, thank you to all clients and to the amazing support I’ve had from fellow freelancers, agencies and friends!

I’ll be sure to update the post with some finished shots too for anyone who is interested!