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After major growth and new client wins, I’m currently on the lookout to increase the size of my team. I’ve struggled to identify an ideal candidate, instead I thought I”d change it up a bit and write an email that I would ideally like to send to the perfect candidate.

The Indeed advert should be live a little later today; but if you’d like to put your CV in for the role, please just let me know.


Just before I send you the employment contract (for Full Time, Digital Marketing Executive, starting 4th July), I’d love to take this opportunity to give you some feedback on why I thought you were the perfect candidate for the role! 

I really appreciate the time you spent reviewing the role, understanding what we do and asking about everything you were unsure about. 

The role is 100% remote, if we need to meet face to face, I’ll come to you (maybe Costa?) unless you want to visit the office of course. 

As with most people on LinkedIn, I’ve had an opinion on showing the salary banding on job ads, which for this role is £24,000-£30,000. If your experience doesn’t quite hit the top banding straight away, you will have a dedicated development plan to get you there as quickly as possible. 

32 days paid holiday each year (including bank holidays), you’ll never be required to work on a holiday, weekend or bank holiday, I’ll never message or email you outside of hours – I will respond to yours though if you do need me (the joys of being the owner). Monday to Friday gig with flexible working hours – as you manage a portfolio of clients you will have the autonomy to work around them. Holidays are automatically approved straight away if you have the confidence client needs are being met and covered (I’ll help you cover, even if I’m on holiday, the joys of being the owner…).

You’ll be working with a wide range of clients, some major high street brands with over 150 stores, largest industry leaders in Europe to one-man bands. You’ll be working with 2-3 clients in helping us deliver marketing campaigns that drive real profitability and revenue growth. I’ll be mentoring you the full way and I’ll be over the moon to incorporate what you have to offer into our full-service delivery. It’s no easy task handling over £3.5m in marketing budgets annually (through retainers and media budgets). I’ve grown this portfolio massively over the last 3-6 months and your help with providing an industry-leading service will be really appreciated! 

The role is diverse, you could be writing content for a mailshot to doing some technical SEO audits, but don’t worry – you’ll have full training and support throughout. I was really impressed with your attitude to learning, the knowledge you currently do have and the passion for marketing – everything can certainly be taught. You will be joining a small team of 2 and play an important role in shaping the service delivery of the company.