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”Work in SEO do you? well, why don’t you rank for [insert any keyword for SEO and PPC here]” – is that a good question to be asking? Kind of. Good freelancers are busy and have very little time to work on their site, I know, it’s the cardinal sin. Driving SEO/PPC on an established site with a good business model is far easier than competing for industry terms on a brand new tiddly site.

Nevertheless, I’m keen to show you the journey with this site, leaving no data out and a full commercial analysis of what this would translate to if I were my own client, don’t worry – it gets very straightforward from here.

Website rankings

This is a competitive environment – but progress has been fantastic. I went through and grabbed about 20 ‘vanity’ terms, tracking them daily whilst also assessing the ranking performance in Search Console for all search terms.

Screenshot taken 13th April 2022.

If you want to speak to any of my live clients, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I’ll make a request to them. I’ll also be updating progress on this site on a monthly basis (time-dependent of course) – but I thought what better case study then the site you are looking at and within an industry which is one of the most competitive.