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FITOvol is a brand new startup tackling some of the biggest issues facing humanity, aiming at combatting global crop losses. Their unique biology-led focus is on creating innovative solutions to take food security and crop losses head-on.

I was fortunate to be working alongside one of the founders of FITOvol, Archie, as part of the Durham City Incubator scheme. I was commissioned by the group to carry out a workshop on SEO and PPC, providing simplistic insights into the inner workings of the campaign. Included within the 3-hour workshop were interactive scenarios to get attendees thinking about search in a more pragmatic and logical way, followed by a walk-through of URL structuring, low-hanging fruit and essential tips for setting up campaigns – creating the foundations for a successful campaign.

As a brand new service (SEO/PPC training and workshops) it was fantastic to get a great group of attendees who were all passionate about running a business and also open to opportunities to really drive their business forward digitally.

Concluding the workshop was an interactive session whereby we delved into specific sites to provide feedback on their current structure, any potential opportunities and how you could ultimately drive organic and paid performance as the business starts to build traction.

“Going into the workshop I didn’t even know what PPC stood for, and Shane lowered the barrier of entry to all things SEO[/PPC]. Thanks to Shane, I now have the resources and knowledge to conduct a thorough analysis of our website and importantly, the understanding how to make improvements going forward. “

Archie Sidwell, Director, FITOvol

I’m looking at creating a dedicated service to help support businesses increase internal knowledge of search, either through supporting members of staff who are working on a single website full time to help bolster agency perspective from a fellow freelancer. After working in the industry for over 12 years, I’ve certainly picked up a thing or two about handling SEO and PPC campaigns – I’m also really fortunate to be learning every day from my clients, workshops like these and also real-life hands-on experience of handling sites of all levels.

If you want to speak to me about SEO, PPC or Analytical training, get in touch – these can be carried out either face to face within a workshop environment or via Teams / Zoom.

In addition to the feedback from Archie, I also received the below feedback from Sustain Meals Ltd managing director, Charlie Gregg.

“An interesting workshop. The ethos that a company should try to provide as much value as possible on their website, and that this is smarter long term SEO strategy than trying to ‘play the algorithm’ is a particularly valuable insight.”

Charlie Gregg, Managing Director, Sustain Meals Ltd