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The Durham City Incubator, or DCI for short, is a partnership venture between New College Durham, Durham University and Business Durham, helping the next wave of Durham-based businesses establish themselves. The scheme is designed to help new entrepreneurs establish themselves with incredible mentorship and training support.

The supporting scheme is a key part of the local business community, often drafting in industry leaders to facilitate training, mentorship and workshops. I was invited to carry out a workshop around the benefits of SEO and PPC, through the perspective of a start up. The interactive workshop gave attendees the opportunity to frame search within real-world terms, get a handle on the basics, have a small interactive additional workshop looking at their sites and also where to start.

This workshop was delivered to companies in a wide array of industries, from farming, content writing, SaaS, sustainable meals and business mentoring to name a few. I really had an incredible time speaking with the cohort and providing a 3-hour workshop.

Shane Parkins (left), Leon Howe, manager (right)

As SEO/PPC was being introduced to new businesses, covering a technical topic had to be boxed up in an easy-to-digest format. This is a relatively new service offering on my part and required some reworking. I was impressed with the group’s responsiveness, support, and feedback generated by the guys and Leon.

As I do provide in-house training and development for a handful of teams, this was a unique angle which I really enjoyed.

“Shane delivered a very informative SEO workshop for Durham City Incubator which really helped the start-ups on the programme. Shane shared his SEO experience by providing a step-by-step approach to developing a clear SEO strategy, debunking many SEO myths and providing some great tools to help”

Leon Howe, Durham City Incubator Incubation Manager

If you need me to help train your marketing teams around commercial awareness, basic and running effective PPC and SEO campaigns, please do get in touch.