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I’m recruiting – Digital Marketing Executive.

After major growth and new client wins, I’m currently on the lookout to increase the size of my team. I’ve struggled to identify an ideal candidate, instead I thought I”d change it up a bit and write an email that I would ideally like to send to the perfect candidate. The Indeed advert should be […]

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Why you need to consider the ICO fee.

Graphic of Data Processing

If it’s not enough getting put onto the Google Ads partner directory, I’ve now got a new publication – the ICO registration directory listing. Not really a feat, nor had to pass any examination but is critically important to UK businesses and here is why. “Under the Data Protection Act 2018, if an organisation processes […]

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Meet my new office and staff.

Shane Parkin's Office, Internal Image

Today has really been a milestone in my freelancer journey, it’s the day I got my keys to a brand new office. I’ve really enjoyed co-working space and working from home but the novelty has really worn off – I’m finding dips in productivity and having a central working hub, I think will really develop […]

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From today, I’m an official Google Partner.

I’m really pleased to be at the stage in my career whereby I don’t feel obliged to chase awards and accreditations. That being said, the new Google partnership directory launch has certainly created some industry buzz, enough for me to really pursue it and from today, be known as an official Google Partner. The new […]

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Google Analytics Changes Update

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics Changes Update Google has announced some pivotal changes to their Analytics product, here I’ll run through some of the practical and top level changes I’m aware of. Please do get in touch if you run into any specific problems or have any questions; I’ll update this post accordingly.  If you are struggling with […]

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Google Ads: Performance Max Review.

Laptop on the table showing Google

Meet the new kid on the block, Performance Max. I’ve held off providing a review of this goal-based campaign as it has taken a little while to attract meaningful data, or find a suited industry (in my opinion). Mileage per sector can change but, in my head, I’m starting to see an emergence of an […]

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The best marketing techniques in 2020, apparently.

Marketing charts for blog post

Marketers around the world have had their say, revealing what they believe are the most effective marketing techniques. What defines a effective marketing technique? It’s their assumption that this specific activity will lead to improvement in commercial performance. What’s particularly interesting with this survey is it was conducted just before the pandemic. A follow up […]

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Running Ads? Don’t Forget these 3 essential tasks.

Laptop image for Google Ads blog post

If you are running search Ads there are three areas you need to be keeping a close eye on. These areas can help unmask the true performance of your campaign. Running a particularly large campaign? it’s so easy to lose sight of the full picture. Let’s dive straight in. 1. Let’s strip away branded searches […]

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SEO Experts, the steps to hiring them for your project.

Meeting of individuals with laptops - SEO Expert Blog Post

Hiring an SEO expert to take ownership, support or consult on your project can be dynamic, risky and costly. In this blog post, I want to show the key steps required to ensure you hire the right SEO Expert. Misconceptions of hiring an SEO expert Many customers who get in touch often have misconceptions, it’s […]

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From 31st August, I’ll be a SEO / PPC Freelancer!

Tablet and paper with notes on for SEO/PPC Freelancer Post

August 31st 2021 will be my very first day as a freelance SEO/PPC expert and I’m so excited! I’ve provided in-house SEO, PPC and other eCommerce/Marketing services for the better part of 12 years. Winning multiple awards and responsible for over £20m growth in sales, it’s been a fantastic career to date! I’m now packing […]

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