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August 31st 2021 will be my very first day as a freelance SEO/PPC expert and I’m so excited!

I’ve provided in-house SEO, PPC and other eCommerce/Marketing services for the better part of 12 years. Winning multiple awards and responsible for over £20m growth in sales, it’s been a fantastic career to date! I’m now packing this knowledge into a freelance service and just about ready to hit the road.

What’s different about my SEO/PPC services?

I didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel, but I’ve created a service that is completely ad-hoc. You can expect no locking contractual obligations, retainers or large monthly fees. Success of my service as a freelancer thrives on the results I generate. You can also take advantage of the 45-65% saving on my hourly rate vs. an agency.

To really drive value and over deliver on every campaign, I am providing my core expertise services, SEO and PPC. I work with all companies and all budgets, providing real marketing value to their business.

Can I help you with SEO or PPC?

Absolutely, I work with all businesses and all budgets. My low hourly rate allows all companies to grow their business with my core services. I do have a lot of demand so I would encourage getting in touch at your earliest convenience.

There’s no charge for proposals or providing general advice, I really enjoy helping businesses get control of their marketing!

Read more about my core services here:

Every hour your purchase, you are applying 12 years of front line industry experience. All my methods and strategies have stood the test of time and I aim to move all the right markers. Below you can find a quick summary of the core services I offer:

Search Engine Optimisation: Ultimately moving your website higher up the rankings. Executed by identifying areas which are holding you back and areas which can be amplified. Airing value propositions and developing industry authority are two key parts to the process, helping you transform into the industry go-to. Strong, underpinning technical SEO is at the heart of every campaign, ensuring minimal friction from crawling. Data from paid media is also incorporated into the strategy to pivot towards reducing paid reliance and amplifying sales as much as possible from organic mediums.

Pay per click / Paid media: Everything paid media, from Google Ads to Facebook paid ads, holding 10+ years experience managing campaigns spending from £1,000 per week to £1.8m a year. I’ve won several industry awards for campaigns I’ve ran, dealing with the very small to the monster campaigns. I work with companies of all sizes and budgets, my hourly also allows some companies to reinvest more budget too!

White Label: I work with several partner agencies as a freelance resource, ensuring over delivery for all of their clients I work on. I’m an ideal safe pair of hands for dynamic requirements or growth potential accounts, I never miss a beat. It’s not uncommon for agencies to have the facility to double, sometimes triple my rate and customers are happy to pay it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, I’d really like the opportunity to work with all businesses!

Also feel free to add me on LinkedIn and stay up to date with my journey beyond this blog.